Conference: ICLASS attracts roughly 450-500 participants from around the world (as of January 7, 2021, we have 370 submitted abstracts).

Venue: ICLASS 2021 will be conducted as a virtual conference, with no in-person participation. The web system will be provided by Events On Air ( The conference will include normal activities such as a welcome session, three keynote presentations, 5 parallel sessions, special meetings (e.g. for the editorial board of Atomization and Sprays), and awards presentations.

The conference program sets aside one hour (between 14:00 and 15:00 UK time) on the first two days for “Exhibitor pitches”, and during that time there will be no technical sessions.

Industrial exhibitions: Instrumentation, spraying systems, and software exhibitions are an integral part of ICLASS and they will be made possible by the software.

The software provides banners across the top that can be populated with company logos. Sponsor/exhibitor logos will receive higher billing than exhibitor logos, but all of them will have a prominent position on each page.

Equipment and software exhibitions are accommodated by the system. The best approach is to film an exhibition and present it at your company’s page (at Events On Air), with provision to interact live when you wish to be present. Messaging is also available.

Prices for access are £370 ($500), and it includes two registrations.

Sponsorship: Exhibitors are encouraged to consider sponsoring the meeting with an additional £730 ($1,000) or more. As a sponsor you will have a more prominent position on our web page and in our app.

Information on the meeting web pages:

Prior to the conference start date, a hub will be designed for exhibitors to access and upload all materials and set up a virtual exhibition stand. The exhibitor will be sent individual log in details prior to the event, and full instructions on how to set up their stand will be sent.

For further information, please contact Prof. Mark Linne at, University of Edinburgh, The King's Buildings, Edinburgh, UK EH9 3FD, +44 (0)131 651 7903.